Places to visit in Tokyo: Tonkatsu Jisaku in Musashimurayama City (とんかつ治作 武蔵村山市)

I love meaty foods. I love cheese. Put them together, awesome. Add garlic? EVEN MORE AWESOME. I made these 2 videos for anyone who wants to check out Tonkatsu Jisaku, a restaurant in a small town in Tokyo that makes some of the greatest (okay, I’ll just say THE greatest) tonkatsu I’ve ever had. On top of that, the owners are great and very kind couple. Who doesn’t want top notch service along with top notch food, and a small town home cooked meal type of atmosphere?

Here’s the video overview:


And here are directions on how to get there from Tachikawa Station:

Here are links to the downloadables from each video:

English Menu
Japanese Menu (日本語のメニュー)

Tachikawa Station Map to Bus
Tachikawa Station Bus 37 Schedule
Musashimurayama City Hall to Jisaku Map

とんかつ治作 (Tonkatsu Jisaku)
1 Chome-31-2 Mitsufuji
Musashimurayama, Tokyo 208-0021, Japan

You can also use google maps for directions! Google Maps Link

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