Mr Drippy Visits St Marc Cafe サンマルクカフェ in Japan (AKA Chococro)

St Marc CafeSt Marc Cafe (サンマルクカフェ), also known as Chococro, is a cafe chain in Japan where you can grab some sweet or savory pastries, coffee, and even elaborate parfaits. I’ve seen locations at many places around Tokyo. It’s always so tasty, especially their trademark chocolate croissants (チョコクロ) so Mr Drippy decided to visit. This time around, outside the door they were advertising their special chocolate croissant for the season, ichigo daifuku (いちご大福), which is a chocolate croissant that has strawberry and mochi inside. Hmm, not bad looking! Let’s check it out!

Ichigo Daifuku Mr Drippy is thirsty, so he orders a cold almond milk tea to enjoy with his croissant. Here’s an inside view of the croissant. Inside ichigo daifuku It’s kind of warm outside, so let’s try a chestnut cream (monburan) flavored parfait! Monburan parfait Monburan parfait 2 In Japan, they love to put cornflakes in their parfaits. I thought it was weird at first, but I’ve grown to like it. This parfait has corn flakes, sponge cake, vanilla soft serve, chest nuts, and chest nut cream. Mr Drippy is a happy guy. Inside parfait Mr Drippy enjoyed his time whenever we stopped by a St Marc’s. I wish I thought to take a picture of their selection, but they probably have about 10+ parfaits available, depending on each location. Usually they will have 2 types of chocoro’s available; standard and the special. Years ago, I had a banana chocolate chococro, and another time I had a chocolate peach chococro. Savory foods include some cheesy pastries as well as some sausages wrapped in bread. You can check out their full menu here.

Go if:

Whether you want a quick pastry or snack on the go, or if you want to sit, relax and eat something sweet and have a coffee. St Marc Cafe is accommodating to both. Prices are pretty reasonable as well

Don’t go if:

You’re not a fan of pastries.
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Oh yeah, and here’s a mango parfait we got the last time we visited. Enjoy!
Mango Parfait

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